Summit in Saudi Arabia denounces Israel while Iran's leader makes an uncommon visit in 2023Summit in Saudi Arabia denounces Israel while Iran's leader makes an uncommon visit in 2023

Summit in Saudi Arabia denounces Israel while Iran’s leader makes an uncommon visit in 2023

During a summit in Riyadh where Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a first-ever public meeting, Arab and Muslim leaders denounced Israeli “war crimes” in Gaza.

With fighting between Israel and Hamas still going on in Gaza, the extraordinary summit, which brought together 57 leaders, demanded that the UN Security Council make a “decisive and binding decision” to impose a cessation of aggression.

We denounce the barbaric, violent, and inhumane massacres carried out by the colonial occupation government against the Palestinian people, including those that take place in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, as well as the Israeli aggression directed towards the Gaza Strip. We demand an immediate halt to it,” the final resolution stated.

The summit insisted on the admission of convoys carrying humanitarian supplies and rejected the idea that this was a “war of revenge masquerading as [one of] self-defense.”

It is impossible to achieve protection against violent and warlike cycles unless the Israeli occupation is terminated. The resolution also stated, “We hold Israel, the occupying power, accountable for the conflict’s continuation and escalation due to its aggression against human rights.

Following surprise cross-border attacks by Hamas that claimed 1,200 lives and kidnapped hostages, Israel went on the offensive.

Following the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two nations in March, the summit represents the first visit to Saudi Arabia by an Iranian leader in eleven years.

Raisi shook hands with Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia and the heir apparent to the throne.

Hezbollah, an armed group in Lebanon that has been fighting Israeli forces every day on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, primarily receives support from Iran. It also retains close ties to Hamas and supports the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have been launching missiles towards Israel.

During her speech at the summit, Raisi declared that everyone in attendance was there to “save the Palestinians” on behalf of the Islamic world.

We’ve convened here today to talk about the Islamic world’s primary concern, the Palestinian cause, where the worst crimes in history have been committed. In the valiant defense and support of Al-Aqsa Mosque, today is a historic day,” he continued.

MBS declared in his opening statement that the Kingdom “categorically rejects” the war that the Palestinian people are fighting.

He declared, “Unusual and agonizing circumstances surround this summit.”

“We vehemently oppose the horrific conflict that our brethren and sisters are facing in Palestine. We once again demand that military operations end immediately.

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas stated that since the US has the greatest influence over Israel, it “bears responsibility for the absence of a political solution.”

The leader of Syria also goes

Following his attendance at a regional gathering in May, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attended the summit as well, indicating yet another indication of Syria’s rehabilitation among Arab states.

Assad attacked normalization deals between Arab nations and Israel in his remarks. “More massacres against us equal more hands extended by us… Stopping any political process with the Zionist entity is the first step in using real political tools, not rhetorical ones, to aid Palestine, he stated.

The comments made by Assad, who is also charged with war crimes during the civil war in his nation, might have been a jab at the ongoing negotiations to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The US played a major role in mediating that conversation, which was in progress when the Hamas-Israel conflict broke out.

Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the ruler of Qatar, also denounced the international community for its inability to “stop war crimes and massacres” in Gaza.

“We are concerned about the duration for which the international community will continue to view Israel as exempt from international law and to allow it to disobey all international laws while waging a merciless and never-ending war against the nation’s indigenous population,” Al Thani stated.

The gas-rich nation has mediated indirect talks between Israel and Hamas regarding the possible ceasefire, the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas, and the delivery of humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

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