Goya Foods Heir Lists Palm Beach Estate for $36.5 MillionGoya Foods Heir Lists Palm Beach Estate for $36.5 Million

Goya Foods Heir Lists Palm Beach Estate for $36.5 Million

An estate in Palm Beach, Florida, is listed by the heir of Goya Foods for $36.5 million. 

According to records, Andy Unanue, whose grandfather started Goya Foods in 1936, paid roughly $22.7 million for the mansion in 2021.

Goya Foods Heir Lists Palm Beach Estate for $36.5 Million
Goya Foods Heir Lists Palm Beach Estate for $36.5 Million

The Mediterranean-style estate, which is around a half-mile north of Mar-a-Lago, is 9,400 square feet in size and has eight bedrooms spread between the main house and a guesthouse, according to listing agent Dana Koch of the Corcoran Group. 

A request for comment from Unanue was not answered. 

According to Koch, the 2001-built home features ornate woodwork and vaulted ceilings throughout. 

The property features a four-car garage, a pool, and a loggia in addition to deeded beach access. According to Koch, the property is over three quarters of an acre and is situated in Palm Beach’s Estate Section. 

According to Koch, Unanue is selling because he bought something different in Palm Beach.

Goya Foods
Goya Foods

In Palm Beach, where prices skyrocketed during COVID, there is hardly any inventory at this price range, Koch added. According to real estate appraisal company Miller Samuel, the median price of a luxury home sold in Palm Beach during the third quarter was approximately $34.7 million, which was more than twice as much as the previous year. Due to a dearth of luxury inventory—the quarter saw a 47.2% year-over-year decline in listing inventory—luxury sales in Palm Beach fell 42.9% from the same period last year. According to Koch, the market has been moving more quickly lately.

According to him, the Unanue property is “priced for today’s market.” A Palm Beach oceanfront property that had sold for $7.37 million in 2002 was exchanged for $50 million in July.

Up until 2004, Andy Unanue served as Goya’s chief operating officer. At the moment, he serves as the managing partner and founder of AUA Private Equity Partners, a family business investment firm with headquarters in Florida.

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The luxury real estate market in Palm Beach, Florida, has always been a hotbed for opulent properties and high-profile transactions. In recent news, a notable figure in the world of business and culinary heritage, the heir to Goya Foods, has put their stunning Palm Beach estate on the market for a jaw-dropping $36.5 million. This remarkable property showcases the epitome of luxury living and offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous. In this blog, we will explore the details of this extravagant listing, shedding light on the estate’s features and the legacy of the Goya Foods heir.

A Legacy of Culinary Excellence:

Goya Foods, a well-established brand known for its high-quality Hispanic and Latin-inspired food products, has been a household name for generations. The Goya family’s culinary expertise and dedication to providing authentic, flavorful ingredients have made their products a staple in many kitchens. The Goya Foods heir, representing a legacy of culinary excellence, now offers a glimpse into their world by listing their magnificent Palm Beach estate.

The $36.5 Million Palm Beach Estate:

Nestled in the heart of Palm Beach, this sprawling estate is a true testament to luxury living. Let’s take a closer look at what this impressive property has to offer:

  1. Prime Location: The estate is situated in one of Palm Beach’s most exclusive neighborhoods, ensuring privacy and security for its inhabitants.
  2. Oceanfront Splendor: The property boasts direct access to the pristine sandy beaches of Palm Beach, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. Expansive Grounds: Covering approximately 1.5 acres, the estate features meticulously landscaped gardens, a pool, and a variety of outdoor entertainment spaces.
  4. Architectural Grandeur: The mansion itself is a masterpiece of architectural design, with high ceilings, elegant finishes, and expansive living areas.
  5. Luxury Amenities: This estate is equipped with all the amenities one would expect from a property of this caliber, including a home theater, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a wine cellar.
  6. Spacious Guest Quarters: For hosting family and friends, there are comfortable guest accommodations that offer the same level of luxury as the main residence.

Why Sell Now?

The decision to list this opulent estate might raise the question of why the Goya Foods heir is parting with this extraordinary property. There could be various reasons for such a move, such as a desire for a change in lifestyle, diversification of investments, or even the pursuit of other real estate opportunities. Regardless of the motive, the sale of this estate offers a unique opportunity for a discerning buyer to acquire a slice of Palm Beach paradise.


The $36.5 million Palm Beach estate listing by the Goya Foods heir represents more than just a luxury property on the market. It’s a glimpse into the world of a culinary legacy, offering potential buyers the chance to own a piece of Palm Beach history. As this property garners attention in the luxury real estate market, it also reminds us of the allure and opulence that continue to define Palm Beach’s real estate scene. Whether the Goya Foods heir is moving on to new adventures or simply downsizing, one thing is for sure: the future owner of this Palm Beach estate will be embracing a life of unparalleled luxury and elegance.

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