Before coming to faith, Kathy Ireland was a "rebellious teenager" who said, "Jesus was nothing like I thought." 2023Before coming to faith, Kathy Ireland was a "rebellious teenager" who said, "Jesus was nothing like I thought." 2023

Before coming to faith, Kathy Ireland was a “rebellious teenager” who said, “Jesus was nothing like I thought.” 2023

Before coming to faith, Kathy Ireland was a "rebellious teenager" who said, "Jesus was nothing like I thought." 2023
Before coming to faith, Kathy Ireland was a “rebellious teenager” who said, “Jesus was nothing like I thought.” 2023

Before having a fateful late-night encounter with the Bible that her mother had tucked in her suitcase, Kathy Ireland, a former model and entrepreneur, claims that she grew up “with really no faith”.

The latest project for Ireland is partnering with Zoom Casa, powered by Kathy Ireland Worldwide. “It was during a really lonely time in Paris—jet lag and loneliness—in the middle of the night that I opened up that Bible,” Ireland said to Fox News Digital. 

“I was unable to read it. When I was a disobedient teenager, I wondered who could truly know what was right or wrong and who truly knew the truth. As I read, I had a gut feeling that the information I was grasping was true and that my life would never be the same.

It was a transformative experience to be able to find her relationship with God on her own.

The relationship that Kathy Ireland admits is the most significant in her life: JESUS

Jesus wasn’t who I had assumed him to be. I was listening to soundbites from other people about what the Bible said and who He was,” Kathy Ireland said.

“No one was telling me to be this denomination or that denomination because I was alone in that room. All I wanted to do was follow him. And at that very moment, Jesus became my lord and savior, and it completely changed my life. And I understood that who could oppose me if He was on my side?”

It took her “a very long time” to realize how she felt about God, and she acknowledges that her first reading of the Bible was “arrogant.”

“I was picking and choosing, and I was trying to mold God into what I wanted him to be rather than surrendering and allowing Him to mold me into the person He made me to be,” she stated.

The verse that states, “The one who is forgiven much, loves much,” is one that I adore. I’m really appreciative, and I love you all very much. She continued, “I’m a slow learner, so I just love that he’s so patient.

Lookalike daughter Chloe and model Kathy Ireland step out for New York Fashion Week.

In addition, Ireland’s faith has been a major factor in her 35-year marriage to ER physician and entrepreneur Greg Olsen, with whom she has three children and who she affectionately refers to as “a great guy.”

“A marriage isn’t an agreement. This isn’t a sheet of paper. It’s not an agreement with the state. It’s an oath made to God,” she declared.

Thus, we also made a vow to God, even on the days when we might not feel like loving each other very much. So2, that is very beneficial to us.”

Ireland claims that her faith has aided her in her role as a model as well, saying, “It gave me the courage to quit jobs. What other people thought of me didn’t matter to me.”

Ireland, a native of California, started modeling at the age of sixteen and quickly appeared on the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, which celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1989.

In 1993, she founded Kathy Ireland Worldwide and turned her modeling career into one of the world’s most lucrative businesses.

Kathy Ireland learned a valuable lesson from modeling as she started her business endeavors.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that modeling career I had a long time ago taught me something valuable about business. That concludes the rejection. Since it didn’t stop me when people laughed at us and shut doors in our faces when we first started our business, I wasn’t bothered by it. By no means, “We’re talking now.”

Ireland remembers being “an aging pregnant model at my kitchen table” and launching her company “with a single pair of socks.”

Kathy Ireland Worldwide is worth more than $500 million after thirty years in business.

Nevertheless, the mother of three is not a shady businesswoman. To her knowledge, Ireland upholds “some of the strictest human rights contracts,” and the individuals she collaborated with during the sock line’s inception, John and Marilyn Moretz, “continue to be cherished partners in our company.”

“‘The how’ is so important that we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in these.” We have to make sure that we’re taking all necessary precautions to safeguard the individuals who are bringing our products to market in every industry that they touch, the speaker stated.

Her most recent project, collaborating with Zoom Casa to launch Zoom Casa Powered By Kathy Ireland Worldwide, is a wonderful fit for that vision.

“We pride ourselves on offering solutions. That is our goal. Our mission is to uplift, educate, empower, and improve the world. We therefore aim to collaborate with those who genuinely respect and uphold that. After meeting Zoom Casa, our business began working with them, and we discovered that this is a potent solution, particularly in the current market,” Kathy Ireland stated.

Kathy-Powered Zoom Casa Ireland assists homeowners in selling their houses and maximizing the equity they receive (up to 70%), assigns homeowners to professionals to assist with home preparation if desired, and permits sellers to buy a new home contingent on the sale of their current residence.

“This is a win-win for realtors; they get an extra bonus, and that as well, it helps the sellers, it helps the buyers, and it really makes it possible for people who otherwise might have a difficulty either getting into the home-purchasing arena, it helps them to get into the market, and it also helps people who are seeking to sell their home and get the best value for it,” Kathy Ireland said. 

Military families and veterans benefit from the partnership as well.

“We’re working on a specific program for military veterans and their families, really working to help entry-level homebuyers and first-time homebuyers, and really seeking to give them the most opportunity and the most benefits,” said the 60-year-old.

According to Michael Caine, all men ought to enlist in the military: “IT ACTUALLY TURNS YOU INTO A MAN.”

She went on, saying, “There aren’t enough words to express how grateful we are to our men and women for their daily defense of our freedoms. We don’t consider that to be given.”

Ireland has offered advice in the business sector since rising to prominence as an immensely prosperous mogul. 

When asked for advice on the modeling industry, she exclaimed, “Run!” and then laughed a little and said, “No, I’m kidding.”

She went on, making useful recommendations like, “Pay attention. Be extremely careful.

Reflecting on her friendship with Elizabeth Taylor, Kathy Ireland says, “I was really inspired by her courage.”

“In that field, I got to know some incredible people as well as some really shady ones. Be mindful, safeguard yourself, and understand your morals, she advised. “Set limits to safeguard them, as they will face difficulties. Additionally, remember that rejection is a gift, and don’t let it deter you from trying again.”

Ireland’s industry has seen some notable and encouraging changes over the years.

“I began working in the modeling industry back in the 1980s. There was a lot of similarity. “I used to get a hard time from my girlfriends when they would say things like, ‘I’m not going to spend money on magazines to look at pictures of skinny retouched women wearing clothes I can’t afford.'”

“And I’m noticing a lot more diversity these days. women in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. And I adore that; I think it’s gorgeous.”

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